I offer copyediting and proofreading services to nonfiction writers and businesses who want to polish their articles, essays, marketing materials, and presentations.


You focus on the world.
I'll focus on the words.

My services include:

  • Proofreading

  • Copyediting

  • Line edits

  • Text localization


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in English literature and a minor in professional writing. It was during my first job out of university where I learned the craft of blending words and data into a story that made sense for its audience. I've since worked in-house, at agencies, on contract, and remotely.


I focus on editing nonfiction and marketing materials, across all forms of media, for writers and small businesses.


When I'm not playing with words or fighting with grammar, I'm getting lost on the trails and planning my next adventure. I've run nearly four dozen marathons (or farther!) on all seven continents, and I enjoy experiencing new cultures.





“Alyssa provides the greatest level of service and quality and turns projects faster than others in her role. She always gets it right the first time.”

— Consultant & writer 

“Alyssa has a keen eye for detail and an instinctive sense of style and grammar. Her commitment to high quality and consistency has ensured a high standard to her projects. It's a privilege and pleasure to work with her.”
— Researcher & data analyst

"Alyssa has great communication skills and an eternally positive attitude, which makes her a wonderful partner and a real joy to work with.”

— Graphic designer

“Alyssa is strong-willed and dedicated. From making sure her work is perfect, to training for back-to-back marathons, and to giving back to her community, she impresses and inspires everyone she comes in contact with.”

— Community leader


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