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When I'm not playing with words or fighting with grammar, I'm getting lost on the trails and planning upcoming adventures.  


I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in English literature and a minor in professional writing, and joined the working world as a copyeditor for a large public-opinion polling company. It was within those walls where I learned the craft of blending words and data into a cohesive story. After a few years, I dipped my toes in the life of freelance.


I specialize in editing all mediums for travel writers, ecotourism companies, and environmental researchers, and have a special interest in arctic and subarctic climates. 

I love clever puns, kombucha, and trying to keep my cursive from falling to the wayside. I've run more than three dozen marathons (or farther!) on all seven continents. I enjoy taking classes to keep current in my field, learning about new cultures, and you'll always find me with a book by my side.



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