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General charges

Charges are based on the number of words in your document and the level of updates required. As a guideline, I base charges on:

  • Editing: per word based on the extent of editing required;

  • Fact checking: per page based on the extent of research and reference materials provided; and

  • Americanizing translated texts: per page based on the extend of re-writing required.

Edits are delivered in a way for you to review and approve. Additional rounds of revisions will be re-scoped. 

In-person meetings & travel time

Should the project require, phone interviews, in-person meetings, and travel time are billed at an hourly rate.

Rush jobs

Once you confirm you want me to proceed with your rush project, we'll determine the turnaround time and the project will be charged a surcharge.

Free quote

I'll quote a price range when scoping the project so you'll have peace of mind before we commence work. 

You focus on the world.
I'll focus on the words.

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