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California Super Bloom: Mt. Diablo State Park

It had been far too long since I'd had any facetime with a couple of my East Bay-living friends. This past winter, two of us briefly entertained the idea of a 15-mile run up Mt. Diablo near her house, but as the temperatures rose inland while the time passed by us, our run de-escalated to a casual hike with snacks and an additional friend. I was more than ok with that.

We congregated at the Castle Rock trailhead, which was popping with beautiful morning light on a field of thistles.

Mt. Diablo State Park, California

Mt. Diablo State Park, California

Mt. Diablo State Park, California

The cool shade didn't last long once we took off for the summit. I've never seen Diablo as any other color than gold, so I was impressed at how green it was despite being cooked under the midday sun. My friends assured me that the best hues had already withered.

The found the foothills to be rich with mustard, poppies, and plenty of green grasses.

Jana climbing up Burma Trail, Mt. Diablo St. Park, California

Mt. Diablo State Park, California

Workweek stresses are best cured by nature time on the weekend -- I couldn't have asked for a better day on the trails or better friends to spend that time with.


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