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Following Heart: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

I'd been trying my hand in Rainshadow Running's lottery-only event, the Gorge Waterfalls 50k, for a number of years. About 6 months before the race, in late 2016, my name was pulled for the 2017 event. I planned my trip with fervor and was looking forward to my 6th ultramarathon and 30th long-distance event.

But life happens, and winter 2016 and spring 2017 ended up being packed with travel to family across the country, a marathon in Japan, and all sorts of work stresses. By the time the race rolled around, I felt burnt out. I was more inspired to take a trip to visit friends, drink loads of coffee, and consume my fair share of vegetarian-friendly PNW eats.

That's exactly what I did -- complete with a 20-mile run in the Gorge with my best friend to savor the sites I would miss by not going to the race. My weekend ended up being much more fun than just going for an ultramarathon.

Sometimes it's important to simply follow your heart.

Chasing Cate toward Whakeena Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Cate at Ecola Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Behind Horsetail Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Photographing Multnomah Falls mid-run, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

Thank you for the wonderful weekend, Cate!


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