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Backpacking 101: The Lost Coast Trail, California

When my partner first approached me with the idea of scouting a backpacking trip for his business, I was such a novice that I thought this merely meant "camping." I eagerly agreed because who would actually turn down time out in nature?

When he pulled out the packs and bear can and started prepping a pack list, I knew I was in for something bigger.

The Lost Coast Trail is a rugged, 60-mile trail that stretches along the coast in far Northern California. It's untouched and scarcely visited, all for good reason -- it's extremely challenging to navigate mile after mile of large boulders and high tides, sandy beaches, and densely populated trees. Road workers in early years merely went inland to avoid this stretch of coast because it was too much to navigate.

What remains is a beautiful and peaceful stretch of land that nature enthusiasts can enjoy without distraction. What a dreamy first backpacking trip.

Punta Gorda Lighthouse, Lost Coast Trail, California

View from Punta Gorda, Lost Coast Trail, California

Unnamed campsite, Lost Coast Trail, California

Steep decent in fog, Lost Coast Trail, California

Tracks on the Lost Coast Trail, California

Beach of boulders, Lost Coast Trail, California

Backpackers leaving Big Flats, Lost Coast Trail, California


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