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Summer of Love: San Francisco, California

There are some backyard adventures I've never taken the time to write about, probably because I so closely associate them with my everyday routine.

But the truth is, I head out on a mini-adventure in my actual backyard more days than not. I seldom have a plan in mind when I lace up my shoes, and every time I head out, I just go where my legs want to take me.

San Francisco is filled with beautiful parks, many with miles of uninterrupted trails. Escaping traffic, the bustle of working downtown, and even my own apartment has allowed me to appreciate this preserved land nearly every day for 7 years. I've come to know the City's urban trails well.

San Francisco, California

Fall is the biggest season of change; the leaves drop, the trails crunch with dried leaves, and a crispness permeates the air.

Wintertime is owl season; the birds hooting as the sun rises is one of my favorite ways to wake up.

Springtime is for coyote pups yipping around, the smell of wildflowers and blooming eucalyptus, and late-season rains that saturate the earth.

San Francisco, California

And then there's summer; our windiest, coldest, and foggiest season of the year.

One of my deepest memories of falling in love with San Francisco was visiting over the 4th of July during the mid-2000s. I was laying under a down comforter, watching the fog blow into my rented bedroom. Wooden wind chimes dangled outside the window and foghorns blasted in the distance. Up until then, I had only known muggy Midwestern summer -- I loved the uniqueness of this new July feeling.

This summer's solstice brought daylight at 5 am and nighttime at 9 pm, with warm temperatures in the air and not a cloud in the sky. There was plenty of light to enjoy the tidal waves crashing on the beach in the morning and the pelicans floating into the sunset at night.

There's no bad season to be in San Francisco, but this summer's solstice was truly spectacular.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco, California


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